vision and mission

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Achieving scientific and research leadership, along with being distinguish in its staff and outputs.


Serving the community in the scientific and applied fields through increasing the academic efficiency and developing its programs and outputs.


The college aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.     Students shall be able to apply knowledge and scientific analyses.

2.     The college shall assist in filling the academic gap by the trained national staff and satisfying labor market needs, along with participating in the scientific renaissance regarding its all aspects.

3.     The college shall prepare a mentally, educational and professional students in order to enable them to assume their duties, spread culture and scientific behavior. After their preparation, the students shall be able to innovate, explore and to conduct scientific researches.

4.     The consolidation of the Islamic principle through focusing on some courses such as Arabic language and Islamic culture, besides deepen the faith in community values and respecting traditions.

5.     The students shall be able to hear the others point of view and adhere to the national unity by rejecting intolerance in regional, communal matters.

6.     The college shall be connected with the domestic and external community, which is a part of it, by holding seminars and workshops.

7.     The college shall work on the students’ overall development such as scientific research, culture and health through conducting student activities.

8.     The college shall recognize and solve students’ problems especially the educational ones. 

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