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Mathematics Department

The department was established in 1434H to contribute in enriching mathematics studies and researches. Since then, the department put all its resources to teach math courses to the college’s students. The department teaches variant field of mathematics such as theoretical and applicable math.

Vision and Message

The department’s vision and message is derived from the college’s message and vision, which aims to prepare a qualified workforce.

The Department’s Objectives:

  Preparing specialists in mathematics field.

Creating the math sense to the students to acquire answers for mathematical equations.

Making the students aware of the achievements of Muslim and Arab math scientists.

Providing the students with the latest techniques of teaching and learning math.

Providing the students with the education process basics that prepare them to be teachers.

Rooting self-confidence in the students and providing them problem-solving methods.


Furthermore, the department grants Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. The course plan is 136 accredited hours that are divided into eight semesters.

Head of Mathematics Department

   Dr. Razaz Sharabi






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