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English Department

The English department aims to enhance the communication skills and the academic behavior for the students through motivating them on logical thinking, accurate reading and efficient communication in English. It also fulfill other education department requirements in Science College such as Computer and Information Sciences Department and Business Department, etc. the department teaches all courses through focusing on academic English skills that satisfy the needs of academic students. These skills are reading, writing, listening and conversation, along with grammar.


The department grant bachelor degree in English and English literature.


The department’s vision:

The department vision and message are derived from Slayel College of Sciences and Humanities’ vision and message.


The department’s objectives:

Preparing the students to acquire the required skills in rapidly changed time that characterized by technology.

Providing educational services through using interactive and communicative education technologies.

Assisting the students to participate effectively in community through providing them with the required analytical, interactive and communicative skills.

  Assisting the students to acquire a successful life in rapidly changed world and focusing on the development of his accurate thinking.


Course plan:

The student must successfully pass 128 accredited hours to graduate in eight semesters.

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