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Prince Sattam  Bin Abdulaziz University aims to provide an environment of   academic research with outstanding human resources, effective community partnership, and a supportive and stimulating managerial system; and an annual admission that provides opportunities for  students in their respective colleges and governorates.

        The College of Science and Humanities in Al-Sulayil is one of the colleges that seeks to nurture students and develop their abilities through its scientific departments. It is hoped to provide the students with the most basic competencies, knowledge, skills and scientific social values ​​to achieve the objectives of the programs and teaching plans.


       The college has a number of basic units and facilities at the level of  boys and girls sections , and it continuously tries  to create an academic atmosphere that ensures the achievement of the university's objectives in its strategic vision, and raises the opportunities of graduates to join the entrepreneurs in their governmental and private institutions.

The most important goal is to continue improving and modernizing  all components of teaching and research process, and to provide effective community services that are consistent with the objectives of our university, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. We are also enlightened , and determined to support the indicators of progress in the field of education that is based on the ambitious vision of the country 2030, which ensures that the pioneering community is provided with authentic and competitive learning outcomes in the disciplines, scientific programs and specific tracks.


The College Dean

Dr. Salman Sahood  Al -Otaibi

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