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College of Sciences and Humanities in Slayel is the first established college in province. It include four departments for male students, which are Arabic, English Business Administration, and Computer Science and Information. It also contains four departments for female students, which are Islamic Studies, English, Math, and Computer Science and Information.

Education, scientific research and community service are the college’s most important objectives that are derived from the university’s objectives. In addition, the college aims to participate effectively the kingdom’s development. Therefore, it assisted and still assisting the community by preparing qualified postgraduate students.

In line with SAU’s vision, the college seeks to elevate the educational processes and to build local, regional and international partnership. Besides that, the college looking forward to achieve hopes of the province’s people by localizing higher education and training their sons in various majors.   

Thus, the college deanship considers faculty members and students its main resources. Therefore, the college aims to find excellent faculty members and students, which are a key element in distinguished college.

 We are fully convinced that modern education must adapts and acquires the developments around us. Thus, we are keen to include skills needed by our community in the college’s new course plans.

The college does not spare any effort in caring of its students because they are the true wealth of the nation and because they are who will invest the kingdom resources to create a prosper future.  

Therefore, the college deanship was eager to publish introductory book for the college, which contains the following:

·        A brief about Slayel Province.

·        The college establishment and expectations.

·        The college’s organization chart.

·        The college’s departments.

·        Academic guide.

·        Student Activities.

Dean of the College


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